Facebook was “too slow” to address hate speech in Myanmar and is now attempting to remedy the problem by hiring more Burmese speakers and investing in technology to identify potentially problematic content, the company said in its statement on Thursday.

The statement was issued a day after an investigation showed the reason why the company has failed to weed out a series of vitriolic posts about the Rohingya minority.

Some 700,000 Rohingya fled from their homes last year following an army crackdown that the United States condemned and denounced as a form of “ethnic cleansing.”  The Rohingya now live in refugee camps located in Bangladesh.

“The ethnic violence in Myanmar is horrific and we have been too slow to prevent misinformation and hate speech on Facebook,” said the company in its statement.

The investigation conducted by a news agency revealed that the social media giant for years allocated minimal resources in fighting hate speech in Myanmar, which is one market it dominates.  It is in Myanmar where there have been continual eruptions of ethnic violence.