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Preços do Petróleo Caem, WYI Cai Ab

Oil Prices Came Under Renewed Selling Pressure On Thursday With WTI Crude Futures Sinking Below $50 For The First Time Since October 2017.

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Preços do Petróleo Caem, WTI Diminui Para Abaixo de US$ 50

Os Preços Do Petróleo Sofreram Pressão De Venda Na Quinta-feira Com Os Futuros de Petróleo WTI Diminuindo Para Abaixo de US$ 50 Pela Primeira Vez Desde Outubro de 2017.

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Euro Cai Enquanto Merkel Desiste da

The Euro Posts Losses After Sources Announced German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Plans To Give Up CDU Leadership.



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